The Quiz!

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1. Who (ribbit!) finds a sleeping Thumbelina and steals her away from her mother?


2. When the beetle visits Thumbelina on the lily pad, he gives her a great piece of advice. Fill in the blank: “We get by with a little help from our


3. Name one of the three characters Thumbelina encounters when she’s swimming in the lake (Blub! Blub!).


4. How does Thumbelina distract the spider to achieve her escape?

A. She tells jokes. B. She dances. C. She sings.

5. When Thumbelina meets the Sparrow, the bird has fallen from her nest and hurt her ________________________________.

6. The Sparrow and Thumbelina are able to have a good night’s sleep without any threat of rain. TRUE? or FALSE?

7. How does Thumbelina get home to her mother?


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