elephant ensemble theater

1. What is Elephant Ensemble Theater?

Elephant Ensemble Theater brings free children’s theater to NYC hospitals.

The plays of Elephant’s repertoire include positive spins on favorite classics, and new educational works.

Elephant’s plays are written with these specific kids in mind, and carry an uplifting message.

2. Where does Elephant Ensemble Theater perform?

Elephant performs in NYC hospitals and clinics. Their plays are geared towards children aged 3 – 8 … or the very young at heart.

In 2010 Elephant Ensemble Theater will be performing The Busy Little Bee all around New York City and New Jersey. Additionally, every month there will be an Artist in Residence at a different institution.

3. What is The Busy Little Bee about?

Elephant Ensemble Theater’s main 2010 tour is called The Busy Little Bee, a 30-minute educational, audience participatory comedy, written by Liza Lentini.

The Busy Little Bee tells the story of a lazy young worker bee who is forced to venture out of her hive to pollinate a flower.

Through the little bee’s journey, children learn the importance of honey bees for the environment, and interesting facts about her fellow insect friends, who also teach her simple words and phrases in 5 languages.

The Busy Little Bee emphasizes the importance of work ethic, good friends, and how small efforts make a big difference in the world at large.

4. Who are the folks behind Elephant Ensemble Theater?

Elephant Ensemble Theater is headed by executive director Liza Lentini.

Elephant’s shows are cast with award-winning New York City actors who volunteer their time and talent because they believe in Elephant’s mission: To bring smiles to these kids’ faces. For the members of Elephant Ensemble Theater, that’s reason enough.

For more information, please visit www.elephanttheater.com or e-mail info@elephanttheater.com.