How much do you know about
the busy little bee
The Quiz!

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1. Are the bumble bee and the honey bee the exact same bee? Yes No

2. The honey bee beats its wings ________________ times per second.

A. 100 times B. 200 times C. 300 times

3. Bees are very important for the purpose of growing crops of ______________ and vegetables.

4. According to the Spanish Fly, Spain is famous for their festival honoring which sport involving large four-legged animals with horns and a matador?

5. Honey bees are the only insect that makes food humans can eat. True or False?

6. When bees finally find a flower to pollinate, they perform a wiggly ________________ which instructs their fellow bees as to where the flower is located.

7. The mistake the chef made when dealing with bees is that he waved his ____________ and screamed, which probably scared the bees.

8. Because BeBe did such a great job, she was made __________________ for a Day.

9. As BeBe learns, if every single person does their part, small efforts can lead to __________________ changes.

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