the busy little bee

The Busy Little Bee is an environmental, educational play that teaches children simple words in five different languages.

The Busy Little Bee tells the story of a lazy young worker bee who is forced to venture out of her hive to pollinate a flower. As her quest is not as easy as it sounds, she enlists the help of some friends—a Chinese ladybug, a Spanish fly, a French Poodle, a German garden gnome, and an Italian chef—all of whom teach the little bee how to speak their native language, while helping her on her way.

Through the little bee’s journey, children learn the importance of honey bees for the environment, and interesting facts about her fellow insect friends. The Busy Little Bee emphasizes the importance of work ethic, good friends, and how small efforts make a big difference in the world at large.

The Busy Little Bee will be performed in conjunction with programs developed by ArtWorks, The Naomi Cohain Foundation.

The Busy Little Bee 2010 tour is made possible by funding from the Ira Sohn Foundation.

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