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Liza Lentini

Executive Director
Elephant Ensemble Theater

Liza came to New York City in 1997 to work with the Theatre Development Fund in their Special Projects division. Since then she has enjoyed working with many other New York City non-profits, with a special affinity for those that support women and children.

As a journalist, she's published an array of controversial and timely articles, including an in-depth exposé of a rare brain disorder in children called Landau-Kleffner syndrome ("Boy, Interrupted", Discover magazine, November 2007). As a playwright, her works have garnered international awards and recognitions, and have been produced all over the globe. Her subjects range from a fictional three-footed ne'er-do-well who acquires insurmountable fame (Roxy Font, FringeNYC 2007) to a series of historical dramas about remarkable women who were considered too outrageous for their time (Woodhull, FringeNYC 2008).

In conceiving Elephant Ensemble in 2006, Liza drew on her early training with brain injured children, and the value of giving kids—regardless of their circumstances—the right to be kids. Combining her experience in education with theater, Liza has written all of Elephant's children's tours, blending fun methods of learning with themes of family, bravery, and the power of hope.

Liza holds an MFA in Playwriting from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where her thesis on presenting the lives of women on stage won a campus-wide thesis/dissertation award. Her play Woodhull, about the woman who ran for president against Grant in 1872, is featured in the new edition of the book Creating Historical Drama. She is a frequent speaker and panelist on women in the arts.

Liza is a certified TOEFL SIT English teacher. She currently serves on the advisory board of Love Our Children USA, a nonprofit devoted to the fight against child abuse.

More information on Liza’s writing can be found on her website: www.lizalentini.com